is your entire blog just Rapunzel photoshopped into intense disney moments? Because A) YOU ARE SPAMMING MY DASHBOARD B) What made you come up with this? C) THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A FREAKING GENIUS I AM LAUGHING SO HARD!

Thanks for loving it so much! It actually means a lot that so many people enjoy it as much as we do. To answer your question, last summer there was a group of us Disney Tumblr Bloggers who at certain times would stream Disney movies and hang out while we watched them. One day we happened to be talking about Rapunzel while a movie was playing. I can’t remember who brought it up but one of us mentioned how funny it would be to see a happy Rapunzel being kind of the awkward duckling in normal sad day situations because we believe she wouldn’t quite get how to react to those things. And bam! So the story began. A blog was made, pictures were made, and now everyone can enjoy them!!!

This was a long story…

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and this.

and this.

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I felt that the request from a few months ago should be done now that the movie is out.

I felt that the request from a few months ago should be done now that the movie is out.

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Perhaps you could have Rapunzel being rude in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

Sure! Do you have a scene in mind?

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Just letting you know, i stumbled upon this blog, and couldn't stop laughing. Some are so funny, and they look like you spent some time making too. Especially the ones where Rapunzel is out of focus in the background, some little touches like that, super fun. Your work doesn't go unnoticed! :) thanks!

Thank you very much! (:

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Can you please do Rapunzel being rude in wreck it ralph (when ralph smashes vanelope's car...OR when the cybug crashes calhoun's wedding)?

Don’t have the screencaps for it.

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